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    Although the Supreme Court may make the final decision, true change takes political and legal engagement by citizens in the states, in the academy, in the private sector, and even overseas.

    Proving in this empowering book that constitutional change is driven primarily by unsung activists and organized citizens, David Cole examines how citizens succeeded in major constitutional reform in a range of areas such as gun rights, human rights in the war on terror, and same-sex marriage.

    This is a guidebook for anyone seeking social change, as well as a deeper understanding of how our Constitution actually works and why it remains a living force in our democracy 240 years after it was written.

    David Cole, an award-winning constitutional scholar, is a regular contributor to The Nation, The New York Review of Books, and The Washington Post. He is also a leading civil liberties lawyer, who was the former Hon. George J. Mitchell professor in law and public policy at Georgetown University Law Center and is now the national legal director at the ACLU.